If you’re in Lebanon, ME and want to be on ‘cloud nine,’ East Coast Cannabis is the joint (no pun intended!) to be. We’re not your typical green thumb gardeners. Nope, we’re all about the gentleman’s leaf. Or gentleladies, we don’t discriminate! And before you ask, yes, we’ve got the goods you need and more!

East Coast Cannabis is like the ‘Willy Wonka’ of Cannabis dispensaries, just swap out the candy for quality geographical namesake cannabis goods. Each product is cultivated and curated with love and passion (and a top-secret recipe, shhh!). Our dispensary is like a supermarket sweep of ‘green’ goodness. Shelves brimming with indica, sativa, hybrid-you name it! We promise to take you on a magical journey, and no, not just because of our wizard-like expertise! Even if you are looking for something a bit more chill, our CBD products have got your back too!

We are not just a dispensary. East Coast Cannabis Lebanon, ME is a community, your friendly neighborhood ‘herbalist.’ Swing by, join the family, and elevate your life today!

By George